Here are some beautiful homebrew cameras that are pretty inspiring.

This is a super cool soldered brass camera, just about all homemade except the lens and shutter. It’s rather antique looking what with the wicked tarnish and all. Check out the link to the original site.

Here is another brass camera– this one takes panoramic pictures, with the lens housed in a rotating cylinder, projecting the image onto film on a curved film plane behind it. It has been crafted quite masterfully and beautifully (and also very precisely).

A Panoramic CameraOriginal site here. More pictures and links there. You will also find a very, very detailed record of camera construction and explanation of it’s workings.

Both these were found on Hack-a-Day.

This next one is a doozy. Duzy! This fella is designing constructing and perfecting a beautiful medium format camera with full movement of the lens– much like a large format camera. But medium format. He also has a very thorough documentation of the design project, and is about 80% (his numbers) through the process. I really like how he prototypes his ideas with legos (or erectors maybe). Brilliant! Now I want to bust out my lego collection from the early days. Found through MakeZine. link. I can’t wait to see his finished camera!

Scanner cameras are another really interesting camera– I found (on flickr) the most beautiful scanner camera I’ve ever seen. It also has full movement and excellent craftsmanship. But no film. The future! And the past! At the same time!

I can’t get an image to show up for his camera, but it is worth checking out. (really! it’s very cool) This is from PzZ’s flickr.

Oh, and I also came across this. You ever thought about making your own film? Me neither, but this guy did.

Over and out good buddy.